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Are you also forced to work from home? Do you want to work on your defence system? We challenge you to go outside, clear your head and at the same time make sure you get some exercise.

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The Corona Virus has forced many of us into working from home. A necessary situation that causes decreased direct contact with colleagues. Because you spend more time in your own 4 walls, it is important to go out and catch some fresh air and stay in contact with your colleagues. That's what gave birth to HomeOffice Escape.

Challenge your colleagues or head out with your partner, kids or dog. Sign in, activate the game and unlock the 30 hotspots in your surrounding by choosing a proper strategy and solving riddles.

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At all times strictly adhere to the law and (local) regulations.

Besides that keep an eye on Corona specific rules & regulations by the WHO and your national institutions & government. Always put safety of yourself and others first!

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Go out, make the right choices and give yourself an energy boost.

Solve the riddles or assignments to unlock your collected hotspots.

Take pen and paper or use your notes app to solve the riddles quickly.

What's Roadgames?

Roadgames originated about a year ago from a collaboration between Justcurious and Caught. After our joint success with the custom made games we have been developing for - for example - Sunny Cars and TUI Netherlands, we are now developing a new mainstream format. With this format many more companies and groups can go on an adventure with a location based game & learn format using the Roadgames app.

Since our businesses have been heavily hit by the current situation we've not been sitting back to wait for the world to rebalance. We decided to create and offer HomeOffice Escape. A game in which, besides all the drastic events of the moment, you can move your senses for a while.

We wish you lots of success and relaxation with the HomeOffice Escape and - most importantly - stay healthy!

Mark Naus
Mark Naus
Luuk Hermans
Luuk Hermans
Luc de Nijs
Luc de Nijs
Nicole van den Bosch
Nicole van den Bosch

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HomeOffice Escape

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